This was penned by Michael New , just shows the mindset of some people.

When i returned from the Falklands as a survivor i arrived back home after being met at Brize Norton by my family, got home said hello to the Kids,had lot’s of hug’s and kisses went upstairs to my bedroom sat on the bed and broke down,cried my eyes out and nobody could say anything which would comfort me or make me feel better,it was just that the enormity of what i and the rest of the ship’s company had been through,it didn’t get to you when you were down there,the training i suppose dealt with or suppressed the feeling of despair.I have never told anyone this before but i’m sure there are lot’s more like me among you lot.
Anyway,a few day’s after i arrived home it was my son’s school sports day.Because i was the first local bloke from my town who had come back the local press had been on my doorstep taking photo’s and asking questions(which i wasn’t allowed to answer)
At the school this well dressed,well spoken woman came up to me and said”I’ve seen your photograph in the paper,isn’t it all a dreadful waste of time and lives”I looked at her and replied”If your house was broken into and people were taking your possessions and planning on staying what would you do?”She replied “I would send for the police”I just looked at her and said”that’s what we are doing,evicting burglars”No reply.